Built in 1860 this building operated as the Bank of Victoria until 1893 when the site was sold to the Haig family. Thomas Haig operated his tailoring business from the original banking chamber, retaining all the Australian red cedar fittings. Thomas’s daughter, Bella, sold the premises to the Yackandandah Historical Society in 1969.

In December 2006 a fire, which started in a neighbouring building, completely gutted the bank building. Little was retrieved from the rubble.

The donation box and the service counter have been built from the charred remnants of red cedar.

The stone building was restored and reopened as the Yackandandah Museum in November 2008.


The Cottage


This building originally fronted High Street and operated as a butcher’s shop before being used as an agency for the Bank of Victoria. It was moved to its present site to accommodate construction of the stone bank building. The cottage was in need of major repairs when purchased by the Yackandandah Historical Society in 1969. It reopened in 1981.


  1. Can you please tell me if you know of a mental institution that was built between the now Sanitorium Road and Racecourse Road, in Yackandandah.

  2. There was a sanatorium built on top of a hill, not so much near Racecourse Rd, but off the Albury Rd about 2 km further on than the cemetery.

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