The people who make the operation of the Yackandandah Historical Society possible are the volunteers.

Forty years of effort have gone into the creation of the Yackandandah Museum. This remarkable asset has achieved recognition through many awards both within the Indigo Shire and the museum industry. The success of the Yackandandah Museum is largely attributed to the ever increasing band of volunteers.

The team of volunteers associated with the Yackandandah Museum can attest to their sense of pride in being part of this important community asset. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in interesting and worthwhile projects as well as activities that foster friendship and a strong sense of community.

The quotes in our visitor’s book attest to the value of our volunteer attendants who make the ‘museum experience’ such a positive one:

“Friendly and informative staff”

“Lovely staff”

“Thank you for your warm welcome”

Opportunities are available for volunteers in a range of roles. Apart from being a volunteer museum attendant you may be interested in working with the museum collection indexing and adding items to the database, sewing, knitting, cooking jams and preserves for our sales table, housekeeping, working on exdhibitions, marketing, oral history, contributing to our guides such as town walks and cemetery walks, publicity and promotion. A Handbook for Volunteers is available. Volunteers need to be members of the historical society ($15) so they are covered by our insurance. Full training is provided. Museum attendants work in pairs so you are not expected to man the museum on your own. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

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